i made it/of course…

I successfully made it back to my mom’s apartment here in Orlando. I got in at around 8:30 last night and went straight to bed out of exhaustion from midterms week, flying, and not getting in a nap after drinking/smoking all night hahaha. 

So now I’m cuddling my dog, Cutie. My cats got shaved with a lion cut and look ridiculous and cute. My mom and I haven’t fought yet, so that’s good. 

[took a break to watch 3/4 of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo] Well, we fought. I snapped. I cried. She cried. We talked. Now we’re in a mutual-feeling zone. But of course, we fought. And apparently it was my fault. 


I still love her. She still loves me. But it’s so aggravating. We just don’t mesh well as two people. We’re very different. 

She told me a lot about herself that she’s never told me before, though, and I’ll talk about that later.

I have to wrap up though because I’m sick again. I think my “sick” last week was me being stressed and it being neuroimmunology (essentially, you get so stressed that it a affects your health to a point where it could be mistaken as a medical illness). But what I have now is definitely a virus. This started before my fight with my mom and I literally can’t stop running to the bathroom.

It’s taken me like 10 minutes to write this second part.


Please, send good vibes of health and happiness for my mom and both my parents. We all really need it right now. If you want to say hello and keep me company while I lie in bed, please do! :)


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